P1340501Took grandson to Ramp City in Blackpool this afternoon so he could let off steam and  frighten me to death while he ‘dropped in’ telling me he was going to ‘boost’ the bowl!


But I soon lost interest in his death defying feats when I noticed this fabulous mustard yellow color on walls and woodwork


My search for something to photograph got even more interesting when I found this Americana retro style area with two tables and 4 rows of diner style seats secured firmly to  the floor.The only kid in there left when he saw me with my camera and so I was free to crouch down in front of the window and get my shot of the day..


Love the color, style of the seats, random bits of rubbish, rust and the wooden floor.P1340505

So there you have it again…another hidden treasure in Blackpool, inspired by William Eggleston , Ramp City, not just for the skateboarding, scooters & bikes but also for the fabulous mustard walls and faded red leatherette seats.

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